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Industrial Park

  WISCOM Science and Technology Park is located in the beautiful scenery and convenient transportation of Nanjing Jiangning Economic and Technological Development Zone smart grid industry gathering area, put into use in 2004, Jin is the technology investment in R & D and production base.


  WISCOM Science and Technology Park covers an area of 200 acres, has been completed and delivered to the use of research and development, commissioning, office buildings, production workshop and staff living facilities nearly 80,000 square meters.


  In the design process, the domestic excellent design team regards "Respecting the environment, respecting the culture and respecting the staff" as the starting point, realizing the harmonious unity between the architecture, the landscape and the humanity of the park. The park is located in the center of the park.


  WISCOM Technology Park has both unforgettable landscapes and relaxing facilities. Elegant and comfortable modern work environment is the best place for communication and exchange, and the company of human management and symbiosis of the concept of complement each other to create a pleasant relaxed work atmosphere, the company is growing treasure, but also employees dream Really platform.