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  WISCOM technology manufacturing strength, with nearly 20,000 square meters of professional plant, industry-leading quality assurance system and advanced production process control methods. The company 's manufacturing equipment for the industry' s top, the establishment of two automatic SMT patch production lines, the introduction of the international advanced by the British DEK company 's automatic screen printing presses 2, Sweden MYDATA Mounter 2, The United States UNIVERSAL company high-speed Mounter 2 Taiwan, Germany ERSA company reflow furnace 2, the Japanese company Omron AOI detector, and the international advanced level of professional testing equipment more than 30 sets. 

  WISCOM technology sufficient capacity, outstanding supply chain management capabilities, with an annual output of 60,000 single-device, 10000-screen cabinet. Company production management system strictly scientific, all operating personnel are college education, high-quality, experienced and professional training, strict examination, certificates, not only a good understanding of the customer's individual needs, but also to create A very competitive high-quality products.