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Service engineer   Work place:Nanjing


Job Responsibilities 

1, electrical automation system products and project implementation, maintenance, optimization, performance management, fault analysis and so on;

2, to provide professional, standardized technical support services and technical training.

Job requirements 

1, electrical engineering or power system professional or relay protection professional, formal institutions (211 engineering priority) undergraduate graduation, to obtain a degree;

2, has a good communication, expression, with a sense of service and study the spirit, able to adapt to longer travel work.



Purchasing Specialist    Work Location: Nanjing


Job Responsibilities

1, Responsible for receiving, ordering, tracking, remittance and delivery confirmation of materials procurement tasks, responsible for supplier's negotiation and signing of purchase contract to ensure timely purchasing of materials according to quantity;

2, responsible for material procurement-related ERP operations, including price entry, purchase order generation, storage single preparation;

3, responsible for supplier invoice request and verification, to help deal with supplier reconciliation, payment reimbursement;

4, to participate in the arrival of abnormal quality of procurement of materials handling and related supplier performance management.

Job Requirements

1, gender is not limited;

2, Education background: College degree or above, engineering background is better;

3, the work requirements: work conscientiously, proactive, strong sense of responsibility; strong communication, strong sense of teamwork, with a strong sense of cost control;

4, work experience: skilled in computer operation, with 2 years and above work experience; with the procurement position work experience and familiar with the ERP operator is better.



Inspectors    Work Location: Nanjing


Job Responsibilities

1, to obtain inspection standards: the latest version of the process standards, the relevant material table, technical standards, information contact list and other documents, and the production of products, the operation of the staff to carry out inspection actions.

2, the inspector in strict accordance with the operating instructions for the implementation of inspection, the qualified goods to be marked. And timely record the test results in the relevant record table.

3, the inspector should have the production of bad products to be marked, isolated, and issued a "failure report", requiring immediate improvement. Found abnormal feedback should be timely to the superiors, to take further measures;

4, supervisors, leaders assigned to the implementation of the implementation and reporting, transfer of work to fill out. 5, responsible for the monthly summary of the reported quality problems, accurate feedback on quality information.

Job Requirements

1, electrical or mechanical professional college and above qualifications; appropriate conditions may be appropriate to relax.

2, skilled in computer, OFFICE software skilled;

3, strong sense of responsibility, a serious and responsible work. Have a strong sense of quality and team awareness.

4, good communication and coordination.



Finance Commissioner (Cashier)   Work Location: Nanjing


Job Responsibilities

1, responsible for cash, bank deposit management, weekly reporting of bank funds use and balance; for the company's cash receipt and payment and bank settlement business; responsible for the purchase of bank notes, the issuance, custody;

2, responsible for invoice management, invoice audit and verification of business matters; value-added tax invoices certification; issued by the company's value-added tax invoices.

3, track accounts receivable into account the situation, timely accounted for;

4, the end of each month to prepare bank balance of the balance sheet, the cash inventory table, do accounts match;

5, with the sales staff to do their daily business work, do a good job Invoicing records of goods, coordination of good collection and delivery work; 6, to complete the other leaders assigned to other work.

Job Requirements

1, college education, finance and economics related professional graduate, accounting for appointment card;

2, good communication skills and sense of service; to be proactive, serious and responsible to complete the work on time;

3, honest and upright, good character, have a good professional ethics;

4, Proficient in daily office software and financial software, good learning ability, independent working ability and team spirit

5, have a certain work experience is preferred.


Shanghai Jin Zhi Sheng East Power Technology Co., Ltd


Distribution terminal R & D engineers    Work Location: Nanjing


Job Responsibilities

1, R & D of distribution terminals;

2, the completion of third-party distribution terminal of the functional test, performance testing, EMC testing;

3, to complete the development of documents, production / test guidance documents.

Job Requirements

1, Bachelor degree or above, electronics, electricity, automation, computer and other related professional, more than three years work experience;

2, a distribution terminal design and development; master the basic skills of on-site debugging test;

3, Proficient in C, C + +, with project implementation experience;

4, English 4 or above, can be proficient in reading professional English information;

5, FTU, DTU, RTU, monitoring and control devices, protection devices, such as research and development experience is preferred;



Power System Analyst    Work Location: Shanghai


Job Responsibilities

1, tracking the direction of distribution network technology;

2, responsible for the completion of the company 's customers in science and technology project reporting, related papers, patents, technical reports written;

3, research company distribution business key technology, proposed system solutions, ensure company products and project of feasibility;

4, the preparation of product development programs, the development of products to achieve route;

5, to assist system analysts to complete product demand analysis and system design work;

6, for the development team to provide business training, guidance core module design and development;

7, familiar with the power system simulation software, such as: DigSILENT, PSCAD and so on.

Job Requirements

1, master's degree or above, power system related professional, with a distribution network related fields of research or engineering application project background;

2, Familiar with key technologies of production and operation of power grid enterprises, with integrated application experience of key power technologies, familiar with advanced technology and technology development such as power development, new energy, smart grid, etc., and strong professional and technical research and development capabilities;

3, with key universities at home and abroad, research institutes, enterprise technology research institutions engaged in power research for 2 years and above work experience;

4, a strong market research and analysis capabilities, solid writing skills, a strong language skills and communication skills.



Power System Algorithm Programming Engineer    Work Location: Shanghai


Job Responsibilities

1, mainly engaged in power automation system software development work (using C / C + + language);

2, with the other members of the project team to work together on software product development and maintenance work;

3, to the customer site or head office needs research or software engineering implementation;

4, the power system algorithm-related interface development work;

5, familiar with real-time database, database interface and understand the completion of database access development, implementation algorithm requirements;

6, complete development documentation, production / test documentation and software version control process requirements;

7, to complete the project declaration requirements;

Job Requirements

1, Bachelor degree or above, major in power system automation or related field, 3 + years working experience;

2, a network topology analysis, power flow calculation, state estimation, short-circuit current calculation, distribution network simulation software design and development experience;

3, skilled use of C + + / C, to understand the concept of object - oriented design;

4, able to work independently to solve the key problems encountered;

5, has a good team spirit;

6, with distribution network automation, feeder automation experience is preferred;

7, with a graphics system related software development experience, familiar with commercial database systems, such as Oracle, SQL Server and other priorities;

8, UNIX / Linux system platform design and development experience is preferred;



Embedded Programming Engineer    Work Location: Shanghai


Job Responsibilities

1, according to the project requirements related to the development of power products, functional modules;

2, with other functional modules will be self-functional modules to integrate and complete the debugging;

3, to understand the power of technology-related learning, and solve some professional-related algorithm development, debugging;

4, the existing product maintenance and upgrades;

5, with the relevant projects for the preparation of technical documents.

Job Requirements

1, electric power, electrical, automation-related post-graduate master's degree;

2, proficient in data structure and C / C + + programming, module-level development, and the definition of a complete external call interface;

3, familiar with the principles of embedded operating systems and multi-tasking applications;

4, Familiar with STM32 series chip, and have experience in application programming and low-level driver programming ability;

5, master digital and analog circuit basics, skilled use of various debugging tools, and have the hardware circuit debugging / testing capabilities;

6, good learning and study spirit, good communication skills and team spirit.



Service Engineer  Work Location: Nanjing


Job Responsibilities

1, distribution network products and project implementation, maintenance, optimization, performance management, fault analysis and so on;

2, to provide professional, standardized technical support services and technical training.

Job Requirements

1, Electrical related, Bachelor degree, 1 year working experience;

2, with good communication, expression, with a sense of service and study the spirit, able to adapt to longer travel work.


Lead Step Technology Group Co


Hardware R & D Engineer    Work Location: Xian


Job Responsibilities

1, responsible for the hardware program, device selection, schematic design, PCB design, hardware debugging, EMC testing, with software debugging.

Job Requirements

1, Bachelor degree or above, more than 5 years hardware platform development experience;

2, familiar with analog circuits, including sensors, power, signal conditioning, high frequency, small signal processing experience, EMC processing experience;

3, familiar with 51 / ARM, FPGA principles and interfaces, C language, assembly language, operating system kernel architecture and real-time scheduling, compiler theory, data structures and algorithms;

4, familiar with OrCAD PADS development tools;

5, a power industry experience is preferred;

6, good communication, proactive, good team spirit;



Embedded Application Software Engineer    Work Location: Xian


Job Responsibilities

1, power equipment, state monitoring device embedded application software development;


Job Requirements

1, master's degree, high-voltage power system technology, electronics, communications, automation, detection equipment, computer-related professional;

2, 3 years experience in embedded system development, Linux and other embedded operating system programming experience;

3, familiar with ARM or DSP embedded processor;

4, a power equipment condition monitoring product development experience is preferred;

5, good communication, proactive, good team spirit;


Nanjing Jinzhi Video Technology Co., Ltd


c#Software Development Engineer    Work Location: Nanjing


Job Responsibilities

1, responsible for the company system product development.

Job Requirements

1, with more than 1 year of software development experience, and successfully participated in more than one software project development work;

2, to understand and master the object-oriented analysis and design methods and relational database structure design and programming;

3, proficient in. Net framework, c # language, familiar with multi-threaded technology, a certain network programming foundation;

4, familiar with Oracle, DB2, MS SQL Server, Sybase and other at least one of the mainstream database management system;

5, there is a certain C / C + + better foundation;

6, familiar with asp.net, ajax, HTML & amp; CSS, Javascript and other web development technology better;



Andriod Software Development Engineer    Work Location: Nanjing


Job Responsibilities

1, responsible for the company's existing Android App software project maintenance;

2, responsible for the company Android App new feature development;

3, responsible for the management of Android-related projects docking, debugging work.

Job Requirements

1, undergraduate and above, Android App development experience for two years or more;

2, familiar with Java development language, familiar with Android Studio development environment;

3, video - related App development experience is preferred;

4, iOS App development experience is preferred



Nanjing Youkuo Electric Technology Co., Ltd


R & D Engineer    Work Location: Nanjing


Job Responsibilities

1, is mainly responsible for application software module design and development.

Job Requirements

1, Bachelor degree or above;

2, skilled use of C + +;

3, able to grasp the QT platform;

4, a better experience in power software development.


CLP Power New Smart Grid Technology Co., Ltd


Commissioning Engineer  Work Location: Nanjing Lukou


Job Responsibilities

1, Responsible for assembling and debugging of high voltage switch in factory;

2, is responsible for the 110kV substation site and the following equipment installation;

3, Responsible for the installation, test and commissioning of the whole substation on site;

4, can understand the second drawing, familiar with the screen cabinet components;

5, to adapt to travel and overtime;

Job Requirements

1, Bachelor degree or above, major in mechanical engineering and automation;

2, a switch and other related industries work priority;

3, careful and meticulous, hard-working;



Finance Commissioner (Accounting)    Work Location: Nanjing Lukou


Job Responsibilities

1. Assisting in financial budget, auditing and supervising work, compiling various financial statements in time according to the requirements of relevant departments of the Company and the government and submitting to the relevant departments;

2, responsible for the reimbursement of staff costs audit, voucher preparation and billing;

3, the audit of the original voucher in a timely manner to fill the accounting;

4, to prepare, analyze, check the tax-related issues;

5, the audit contract, the production accounts form.

Job Requirements

1, Finance, accounting professional college education, hold the accounting certificate;

2, a financial accounting work experience is preferred;

3, Familiar with the handling of accounting statements, accounting regulations and tax laws, skilled use of financial software;

4, Good learning ability, independent working ability and financial analysis ability;

5, work detailed, strong sense of responsibility, good communication skills, team spirit.


Jiangsu Dongda Jinzhi Information System Co., Ltd


web front end    Work Location: Nanjing Lukou


Job Responsibilities

1, in accordance with the UI designer's draft, complete the front page and interactive effects;

2, Cooperate with development engineer to complete data interaction and dynamic information display;

3, responsible for improving the site user experience design and implementation;

4, maintenance and optimization of the front page of the site performance.

Job Requirements

1, college degree or above, computer and related professional, 2 years relevant work experience;

2, Strong logic analysis and understanding ability, rich J2EE architecture design experience, proficiency in object-oriented technology;

3, proficient extjs front-end development framework;

4, skilled use of bootstrap and other front-end css framework developers priority;



Medium / Advanced Network Engineer     Work Location: Nanjing


Job Responsibilities

1, responsible for large-scale power enterprise network operation and maintenance work;

2, responsible for the provincial power of the core network three-dimensional operation and maintenance work;

3, responsible for the operation and maintenance of documents related to the writing and review;

Job Requirements

1, college degree or above, computer, communications related professional;

2, with CCIE, HCIE certificate is preferred;

3, IT industry, more than five years experience in system integration, proficiency in routing and switching, responsible for large projects;

4, Familiar with routing and switching, familiar with Cisco high - end routing and switching products, familiar with MPLS / VPN Nexus products technology;

5, with excellent communication skills, team spirit, with the ability to lead the team or potential are preferred;

6, have a strong sense of responsibility and meticulous work attitude, with a strong ability to work under pressure.



Project Manager    Work Location: Nanjing


Job Responsibilities

1, Responsible for the project management from the signing of the contract to the completion and acceptance of the project, with overall responsibility for the quality, safety and progress of the project;

2, Responsible for the coordination of the whole construction process with the relevant units (companies, users, subcontracting units, supervision, audit, etc.);

3, the completion of tissue engineering acceptance, transfer, on-site training;

4, can independently produce the project construction organization design, construction program and other engineering information.

Job Requirements

1, college education, computer, electronics, communications, mechanical and electrical and other related professionals;

2, more than five years project management experience, weak, security and other systems of large project management experience is preferred;

3, Familiar with mapping software, computer operating system, application related office software;

4, good health, able to adapt to long - term business trip, a strong sense of responsibility, honesty and trustworthiness;

5, Strong communication and coordination skills, strong project management experience and emergency treatment ability, able to lead team to complete construction independently, teamwork spirit is good;

6, there are two construction division certificate is preferred.


New Energy Investment Operation Branch


Operation and maintenance management director or manager   Work Location: Nanjing


Job Responsibilities

1, production preparation: a) new project operation and maintenance personnel recruitment, training, practice, examinations

b) system development, revision, implementation and so on

c) participation in project acceptance, reception, transfer and so on

2, production operation and maintenance management:

b) to develop the project power generation plan, coordinate power grid scheduling

b) operation and maintenance of daily business management: spare parts procurement, inventory, operation and maintenance costs management, supplier quality management;

c)Power generation, power generation revenue and other statistical statements, analysis

d)Operation and maintenance staff assessment adjustment added

e)technical problem

f)Fault analysis and processing

g)安Full inspection and supervision management

3, the leadership arrangements for other work

Job Requirements

1, full - time undergraduate and higher education, 45 years of age;

2, in the thermal power, new energy power generation company engaged in the production run, management, as a department manager, field length and above positions for more than 2 years, with solid production management experience;

3, a serious and responsible, proactive, with strong communication and coordination capacity.



Investment Management Manager or Supervisor   Work Location: Nanjing


Job Responsibilities

1, with the development of docking, timely grasp, to collect information on the proposed investment projects, including policies, technology, economy, progress, etc .; finishing, the preparation of the various stages of the required information,

2, to maintain close contact with the members of the office office to submit internal decision-making and other relevant information required to report; to accept the arrangements of the work;

3, with the financial, legal, technical and other docking, master the project investment and financing, trading, cost, investment income and other related information;

4, to assist with the financial institutions docking, communication, to provide the necessary information, reports;

5, to assist with local governments, partners, contact, reception and so on;

6, to assist in pre-project related work, such as the establishment of the project company.

7, other work.

Job Requirements

1, full - time undergraduate and above, 40 years of age;

2, finance, finance, technology, investment graduate, or engaged in new energy project investment work for more than 2 years;

3, a serious and responsible, proactive, with strong communication and coordination capacity.nt Manager or Supervisor




Candidates should include personal resume, transcripts issued by schools, graduates recommended form, etc., please indicate the direction of candidates

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