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  The introduction and cultivation of first-rate talents is the long-term task of Jinzhi Technology. Since its establishment, the company has adhered to the strategy of "Talent Strong Enterprise", build Jinzhi Talents Highland, build talented person as the carrier, establish and improve innovative mechanism and management system, Approved by the State Ministry of Personnel, the company in May 2006 set up a post-doctoral research station.

  According to the requirements of independent innovation and development strategy, the company focused on the introduction, training to enter the frontier areas of science and technology, with the leading domestic level, to maintain scientific and technological advantages of outstanding research leaders, the post-doctoral research station building as a landmark building talent talent to be implemented. Companies to develop the strategy for the traction, to continue to research funding for the protection of investment, to improve the incentive mechanism as the driving force, and establish a first-class talent introduction and training mechanisms to enable companies to maintain long-term and stable development.

  Kim Chi-technology post-doctoral research station Welcome to engage in electric power automation, electrical technology, computer and information systems, automatic control, and other professional direction of the doctor to stop research. The company will set up special funds to support the research and development projects carried out after the doctoral company for each postdoctoral research assistants equipped to provide a complete experimental sites and equipment, and will be based on the specific contribution of each postdoctoral to give special incentives. Kim Chi-technology will be based on the Ministry of Personnel of the relevant provisions of the work of post-doctoral and actively do a good job in the introduction and use of post-doctoral research work, and gradually develop a number of innovative spirit and innovative ability of senior personnel.

  Inbound conditions

  (1) recently received a doctorate degree at home or abroad;

  (2) to obtain a doctorate in the work unit has not been assigned or not returned to the original workplace registration;

  (3) good academic performance, good health;

  (4) the age of 40 years of age.

  Areas of Expertise  

  Power automation, electrical technology, computer and information systems, automatic control

  Application materials  


  •《Expert Recommendation Letter》

  • A copy of the doctorate certificate

  • 2 doctoral thesis

  • Doctorate of study abroad should provide the "Suggestion of Education Department of the Embassy of the People's Republic of China

  • "Doctorate of Study abroad to do the post-doctoral letter of intent" (where the need for the National Postdoctoral Administration Office to help them recommend to the relevant domestic units must provide doctoral students)

  • All doctoral candidates who have the status of commissioned, trained, or have active military status or are in agreement with the original unit must provide the written consent of the applicant, the orientation unit, or the original unit.