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  Jinzhi technology grid business has many years of design, development, production and operation experience, in the transmission and distribution, with the establishment of the field of electricity from the ultra-high pressure, high pressure to low pressure complete protection, monitoring and automation systems, substation secondary equipment Intelligent operation and maintenance system solutions. Product quality safe and reliable, technologically advanced, fully close to the power industry requirements and development trends.

  With the years of experience in power grid protection and control, the company has launched the international advanced level iPACS-5000D series intelligent substation solution in 2008 and implemented the national grid company Focus on the application of engineering, the first case of domestic 220kV intelligent substation - Tianjin Chen Fu 220kV intelligent substation project. For the transformer, GIS combination of electrical appliances, switchgear, power cables and other electrical equipment integrated on-line monitoring and live monitoring, the successful realization of the power system substation and power distribution equipment, the integration of the operation, panoramic intelligent monitoring and fault diagnosis.

  Company power grid products in the country has been widely used, has been running high and low voltage substation has more than 2000, of which 110kV and above high, medium voltage substation to more than 400, the system is stable and reliable operation. Dispatching automation system has been covered in Heilongjiang, Guizhou, Shandong, Hubei and other provinces and cities. In the field of electricity with the automation, has accumulated more than 20,000 sets of factory management with more than 200 sets (sets). To visualize the operation and maintenance, customization maintenance, intelligent operation and maintenance as the core of the intelligent operation and maintenance system has been applied in many provinces and cities nationwide.