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Brief Introduction of Intelligent Distributed FA System in Tianjin City

  Tianjin West Intelligent Distributed FA system is our company and Tianjin Electric Power Company to implement the city "world-class city power supply network development action plan" strategic deployment of key demonstration applications.

  The system is part of the overall power distribution automation, mainly for the pressure line, the model does not rely on the master station, through the distribution terminal between the peer communication, to achieve feeder automation, after the completion of the relevant information upload To the main station.

  The whole FA process (from the beginning of the failure time) less than 15S, shorten the power outage time, improve the reliability of power supply for the city core area power supply reliability rate of 99.999%, providing an effective technical support.

System Structure:




  Figure 1 Intelligent distributed FA system architecture

Construction Line Overview:




  Figure 2 Tianjin West Intelligent Distributed FA system

Main equipment configuration:

  4 sets of source terminals;

  Line end terminal 26 sets;

  24 sets of industrial Ethernet switches.

Project Features:

  Multi-power multi-contact lines, intelligent distributed FA function requirements higher

  Implementation of the regional contact switch to adjust, the system has adaptive function, does not affect the ISFA system normal operation;

  Restore the fault point downstream non-fault area power supply, there must be an oaptimal transfer program.

Strong regional independence

  The transformation of the line grid clear, no unknown new power point access, in the daily operation, will not be due to other parts of the city line transformation led to FA system exit operation.

System robustness

  When the system is running in the process of switching refused to move, slow, communication interference, load transfer and other abnormal circumstances, the system can be safe and reliable operation.

Equipment utilization is high

  Compared to the maximum utilization rate of 50% of single ring network, the maximum utilization rate of double ring network is more than 75%.

Project meaning:

  China's first implementation of the intelligent distributed feeder automation multi-power multi-contact site;

  The implementation site is a typical grid of urban distribution network. Successful cases are reproducible and have good reference value for the future automation of distribution network.

  For the complex grid of intelligent distributed feeder automation to provide valuable experience.