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Brief Introduction of 110kV Modular Substation in Yongli County

  Yulin City, Shaanxi Province, Dinglian County, 100MWp photovoltaic power substation project, the use of our 110kV factory preset modular substation, which is my company and the China Shipbuilding Industry Group's Xi'an Tianhong Electric's first cooperation, but also the implementation of cooperation between the two sides Of the first domestic new energy field 110kV modular substation. The project of the long-term main transformer by 2 * 63MVA, the use of double-winding on-load tap-changer, rated voltage of 110 / 35kV. 110kV side of the long-term use of single bus wiring, the long-term return line. 35kV side of the long-term use of single bus segment wiring, the long-term 12 back into the line, the configuration of two groups of 15Mvar dynamic continuous adjustable dynamic reactive power compensation device SVG.

  Most of the equipment used in the design of the modular modular substation solution (only the main transformer for the conventional design), 110kV power distribution equipment, the main transformer (floor layout), 35kV power distribution equipment are installed in the basement of outdoor equipment On the platform, a container-type main control room is installed on the foundation platform adjacent to the parallel steel platform. All steel platforms are connected to each other through a metal hard connection, and the steel platform is installed on the prefabricated foundation. Equipment between the connecting cable, control cables all laid in the steel platform cable protection bridge, eliminating the need for on-site laying of cables and on-site assembly and commissioning work to achieve rapid power supply. The station to the first and second fusion of intelligent equipment as a module, through the factory production of prefabricated, on-site modular assembly substation, can reduce the site of the construction and commissioning of the workload, shorten the construction cycle; substation debugging simple, reliable operation, and The surrounding environment coordination, easy to choose the construction site; save the substation area, construction area and investment scale.

  Based on the implementation of the project, our 110kV factory preset modular substation in August 2015 through the Jiangsu Provincial Economic and Information Commission organized the identification of new technology products, modular substation products to achieve the overall level of the leading domestic level.