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Smart Energy

Energy storage system integration
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On June 25, 2018, jinzhi technology united with three major partners to set up jiangsu jinzhi jingtai energy storage technology co., ltd. and join hands with state grid jiangsu general information co., LTD
Energy services LTD., focusing on energy storage system integration and performance optimization.


I. business core:

Focus on the integration of energy storage systems! Focus on energy storage system performance optimization!

(1) do not produce batteries, and provide industry-leading lithium iron phosphate, lead carbon and liquid flow batteries through partners;
(2) PCS will not be produced, but will be supported by shareholders' technology and integrated with the most reliable and suitable products;
(3) led by the mature active distribution network technology of jinzhi technology (participated in the 863 project) and EMS management system, fully responded to the requirements of the power grid, optimized the software and hardware of PCS and BMS, and met the differentiated requirements of energy storage system in different application scenarios.


Ii. Business promotion

The comprehensive application of cascade battery can enhance the whole life value of power battery


Iii. Business extension

(1) make regional energy smart, efficient and realize users' independent choice of energy, and cooperate with shareholders in smart micro grid projects
(2) energy storage application;
(3) develop the user side energy storage market, including Beijing commercial project, Shanghai industrial and commercial project and jiangsu large industrial project;
(4) distribution network side energy storage market, in line with the demand of incremental distribution network projects and the distribution network side projects of state grid;
(5) application and development of power side energy storage, including northwest light abandoning project and north China AGC frequency modulation project;
(6) actively explore the virtual power plant business.


Iv. Business outlook

Mining the value of energy big data!


V. partners and customers