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金智  Jiangsu Dongda WISCOM Information System Co., Ltd.is WISCOM Technology's IT professional company. Since 1995 to carry out business so far, has accumulated a wealth of practical experience, the formation of a leading IT consulting capacity, the implementation of service capabilities and technological innovation capability, is well-known IT service providers.

  The company has always followed the industry's latest standards, with the industry's most high-end professional qualifications, including: computer information system integration level qualification, building intelligent system design a special qualification, intelligent building systems engineering contracting a qualification, involving State secret computer system integration special Class-A qualification, security engineering enterprise-level qualification. "IT consulting, IT value-added services, industrial application solutions, IT infrastructure services" as the core business, for government, power, finance, broadcasting, public security, education, medical, high-end business, large enterprises and other industries, , System design, software development, system integration, product value-added, operation and maintenance outsourcing, and other content of integrated IT solutions.

  Focusing on the strategic goal of becoming a leading intelligent city solution service provider, the company will focus on the research and practice of intelligent city solutions. After 2012, it will become the chief unit of Jiangsu Smart City Information Industry Alliance. (Intelligent City) ", in the smart city information fusion model, standards and related applications to explore and research.

IT Consulting Services:

  To provide professional master planning, professional design, project consulting and other services.

IT value-added services:

  Based on ITSM, ITSS management platform and self-developed operation and maintenance management products, the company builds cloud service operation and maintenance system and provides value-added services such as system maintenance and performance optimization around platform-level software products, host systems, networks, storage and other information system products.

Industry application solutions:

  Fully utilize the advanced information technology such as Internet of Things and Cloud Computing to comprehensively sense, analyze and integrate industry applications and key information, and provide industry applications for government, power, finance, broadcasting, public security, education, medical, high-end business and large enterprises. Solutions and services.

IT Infrastructure Services:

  Provide intelligent building engineering contracting, enterprise information communication system infrastructure construction, data center and engine room construction, command center construction, audio and video and video conferencing system construction, integrated security system construction, building intelligent system maintenance services, etc. IT Infrastructure services.