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Thermal power

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· Design of Flue Flue in Huanlin Power Plant

· Design of Flue Flue of Tongliao Power Plant

· Xuzhou Weitian Chemical Co., Ltd. 6 × 2000KW comprehensive utilization of cogeneration projects

· Xuzhou Tengda Chemical Co., Ltd. 6 × 2000KW tail gas power generation project

· Three - Dimensional Design of Flue Gas Denitrification Project in Hushan 2 × 660MW Power Generation Project of Datang Huaibei Power Plant

· Tableware Donghai Glass Co., Ltd. Waste Heat Power Generation Project

· Design of 2 × 350MW Engineering Phase of Beijing Caoqiao Gas Combined Cycle Thermal Power Plant

· Construction and Construction of Smoke Tower Anticorrosion Equipment for the Construction of 2 × 350MW Heat Supply Unit in the Fifth Phase of Tianjin Junliang Power Plant