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· Inner Mongolia Baotou Daimaoqi Ningfeng, Ningyuan, Ningxiang, South 4 * 49.5MW wind power project and delivery project EPC general contract

· Daimaoqi wind power project by Jin Zhijian general contract, the project planning installed capacity of 198MW, a new 220kV step-up substation, self-built a 220kV send line access Braun switch station,

· Line length of about 68km. The overall dynamic investment of the project is about 1.6 billion yuan.

· Construction and Management and EPC Service of 49.5MW Wind Farm in

· Huaneng North Longyuan Wind Power Company Huitengxile Wind Farm Reconstruction Project

· Guangdong Yudean Guangzhou Development Zone Procter & Gamble 1MWp Rooftop Power Plant (EPC)

· Jiangsu Tobacco Company 300KWp Rooftop Power Plant (EPC)

· Solar coal group Shouyang Chemical 400,000 tons / year ethylene glycol project 110KV power transmission project

· Ningfa Group Sun Yat-sen Phase 100MWp PV project construction general contracting

· Gold Wind Technology Dafeng 3MW, 6MW Offshore Wind Power Test Project Electrical Engineering

· Goldwind Dafeng 2MW Microgrid Project Electrical Engineering