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WISCOM Technology long-term focus on power systems, relay protection, power communications, computer networks and other technology research and development and product applications, research and development manufacturing covering power generation, transmission, substation, power distribution and other areas of the full range of power automation products.


In the field of smart power generation, the company with power plants and industrial enterprises in the electrical automation products research and development, production and sales of nearly 20 years of development accumulation in the field of power plants and industrial enterprises have a complete electrical automation products and solutions. The products cover 500kV grade to low voltage 380V grade, and provide professional and high-quality products and services for new energy power plants such as conventional power plants, wind power plants and photovoltaic power plants, as well as petrochemical, steel, coal, water conservancy and hydropower industries. It is a power plant and industrial enterprise. Automation leader in the field.

In the field of intelligent power transmission and transformation, the company has many years of design, development, production and operation experience in the transmission and distribution, with the establishment of the field of electricity from the ultra-high pressure to high pressure to complete protection, monitoring and automation systems solutions , Is an important supplier of State Grid Corporation. Product quality and safety of reliable, technologically advanced, fully close to the power industry requirements and development trends, which protect the automation products have covered all provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities of the power companies, has been widely used. In the field of intelligent substation leading position in the country, is committed to 35 ~ 220kV modular substation design, manufacture, installation work, introduced a factory prefabricated, modular structure of the new concept of substation rapid assembly.

In the field of intelligent distribution network, the company has a full range of distribution automation product development, manufacturing capabilities, product distribution network from the station automation layer from the station to the master station distribution automation of all aspects. Development of the international advanced level of ePACS-5000 intelligent distribution network automation master station system, information exchange bus and iPACS-5600 series distribution automation terminal, and in a number of provinces and cities grid application.