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  In October 2010, the Bulgarian Betapark 2MW PV power plant, built by Jinzhi Technology, was successfully connected to the grid, which was the first new energy project for Chinese enterprises to operate in Bulgaria and even in Central and Eastern Europe. We won our embassy and The local government spoke highly of it.

  November 19, 2014, by the investment and construction of Xinjiang Science and Technology Xinjiang Changji wood base dry energy Laojun Temple wind farm a 49.5MW project officially started, marking the company officially entered the field of wind power investment. On 18 November 2015, the first phase of the project was successfully connected to the grid.Smart Energy

  At present, Jinzhi Technology has a total of 12 projects under construction and construction of new energy investment projects with a total capacity of more than 500MW.

  From the power automation equipment R & D and manufacturing, to the power design and engineering services, and then to the new energy power plant investment and operation, Jinzhi technology from the upstream to the middle of the industry chain to the middle reaches, and then to the downstream strategic leap, the company's comprehensive ability and resources Quality of the strengthening of business vision and development space has been a comprehensive upgrade.