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Beijing Jinhua Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. (WISCOM Beijing dry China) is WISCOM technology power design and the main business package of the main business platform, the company in 2005 by the North China Electric Power Design Institute was founded in 2011 by WISCOM technology the Lord. The company is headquartered in Beijing, Nanjing, "WISCOM Science and Technology Park," the establishment of the base and the Design Institute branch.。金智

WISCOM Beijing dry China is mainly engaged in wind power, solar energy and other new energy power generation; biomass, waste heat power generation, distributed gas turbine and other thermal power generation; power distribution professional engineering consulting, survey and design business; new energy, micro-network, energy Emission reduction and other project development, construction management, general contracting business; and other technology development, technical services business.

WISCOM Beijing has a professional engineering design, project management, technology, procurement and other personnel and team, with consulting design, project management to adapt to the management system, process and quality assurance system, and engineering consulting, engineering survey, Engineering design, engineering total package qualification. Companies in the wind power, photovoltaic, power transmission, thermal power and other fields of expertise with a wealth of engineering experience and performance.

WISCOM Beijing dry China has a number of invention patents, utility model patents, "wind farm design specifications", "photovoltaic power station design specifications" and so on more than 10 new energy-related national standards, industry standards and expert review unit , Is the Huaneng International "wind power project preliminary design", "wind power engineering standardization design" of the main preparation unit, is the Beijing high-tech enterprises.